The Crystalline Wheel

Tirelessly working to deepen our connection to the Mother Crystal and uncover the mysteries of the Echo.

About Us

The Crystalline Wheel started as a research organization led by Sharlayan aetherologist Kokora Kora in Mor Dhona. Initially interested in research to help people with corruption of their aether, Kokora became interested in the study of the Echo when she began to manifest signs of that "blessing" herself.

Currently, the Crystalline Wheel is searching for more people who possess the Echo, or those who may be interested in studying it, for a purpose their leader has yet to reveal. Around the city-states of Hydaelyn, adventurers have been seeing flyers posted, requesting anyone who has experienced strange visions, can occasionally transcend their physical limitations, or has the inexplicable ability to understand any language. The Crystalline Wheel, says the fliers, is a safe place for people to explore the abilities of the Echo.

The Story So Far

The story of the Crystalline Wheel begins in Revenant's Toll, where Sharlayan aetherologist Kokora Kora founded the Crystalline Wheel as a simple aetheric research organization under the auspices of the Sons of Saint Coinach. Soon after its formation, the Wheel travels to Kugane in order to work more closely with the Students of Baldesion.

In their efforts to settle and transition to Hingan life, the Crystalline Wheel is supported in Kugane by a geiko by the name of Sango Sakimuri. Despite forming a genuine friendship with the members of the Wheel, Sango was pressured by patrons and political elements into sabotaging the company's research. And even if she would in time make amends with Kokora and the Wheel, the destruction of research and equipment is a considerable setback for them.

Devastated by the loss of her progress, things only get worse for Kokora. Due to the fact that her aether is heavy polarized towards darkness, she loses her ability to use aethersight, as its further use would lead to her death. When Zizikade and Myrdin discover this they begin working to find a solution, Myrdin through medicine, Zizikade through Mhachi relics.

Meanwhile, Falin Levalin encounters problems securing additional funds from the Levalin Trading Company, necessitating the Wheel's return to Ul'dah in order to save gil and find additional members. There they settle in a small aprtment overlooking Pearl Lane.

Back in Ul'dah, the company reaches a breaking point when it is revealed that Kokora experimented on Cocoyako in the name of learning more about how the Echo manifests. Myrdin stands by their ethical committments and resigns in response to Kokora's research practices.

The recruitment of Madrin and Emvava, nonetheless, brings Myrdin back into contact with the company due to their prior connections and old friendships.

In the most recent misfortune, Falin develops an unusual aethersickness after being flooded from aether from a corrupted crystal while on a routine errand to fetch new equipment from the Sons of Saint Coinach.

With Falin convalescing and the company lacking his leadership, Myrdin and Madrin's relationship comes to a head, as Madrin confesses to harming Myrdin's mother, who has mysteriously and alarmingly gone missing.


Kokora Kora is the founder and the leader of the Crystalline Wheel. Despite being blind from a young age, she is fearless and headstrong. The Echo - which allows her to witness events that have yet to come to pass - began to manifest in Kokora on the eve of the Seventh Umbral Calamity, while en route to Eorzea, and has largely guided her actions since then.

Falin Levalin is the principal financier and materiel supplier for the Crystalline Wheel. The son of an influential mercantile family in Limsa Lominsa, Falin became friends with Kokora soon after she arrived in Eorzea. While supportive of her endeavor, he does have reservations about her methodology and is quick to call out her recklessness.

Cocoyako Fofoyako found his way to Kugane at the request of the master who taught him the ways of the monk. Despite becoming entangled in Kokora's research, "Coco" hasn't forgotten his humble roots as the child of Thanalan pumpkin farmers, and he sees Kugane through eyes of wonder and curiosity, and occasionally a little homesickness.

Moechii Ukanani is the daughter of a wealthy cloth trader based in Kugane. During her travels in Eorzea, the Sylphs played a prank on her, causing a small sprout named "Spriggy" to grow from the top of her head. Foul-mouthed and a bit spoiled, Moechii is nonetheless a loyal friend and has been a student of the Crystalline Wheel since its founding.

Valevant Beltardois is a Gridanian native, prone to impromptu travels spurred on by almost random thoughts or daydreams. Some would call this Elezen daft, however he is very talented in healing tonics and nature magics. Suffering from worsening attention span and long-term memory, he allied himself with the Crystalline Wheel, in near forgotten hopes that they may aid him.

Myrdin Surgate is a Temple Knight chirurgeon, on leave from the front lines. He has started to experience phantom pains and memories, expected of war, yet he felt these were not his own traumas, but those of the people around him. Having run into the Crystalline Wheel’s Kokora and Falin, he hopes to curb his condition by learning to control his use of aether.

Madrin Raxus is a skilled thief and underworld operative. His membership in the Crystalline Wheel is a touchy one, especially with his complicated relationship to Myrdin, but as he becomes more connected to the company he is finding more chances to grow, and is forced to make a decision between a life in selling his blade or a life working for good.

U'sangho Sahd is a loose associate of the Crystalline Wheel. A traditional tribal miqo'te, her skill as a guide when the company must do field work in Thanalan is invaluable. However, her headstrong and stubborn personality make her difficult to work with, and her presence is not welcomed by all of the company's members.

Kuma Mamoru is a wandering knight who has sworn his blade to protect Kokora Kora until one of them should die, after a chance encounter where Kokora's echo saved him from a large piece of falling debris. A loyal protector, he can often be seen at Kokora's side, but there is much left for her and the company to learn about his past.

Zizikade Susukade is an entrepreneurial Ul'dahn and the founder of the Wyrmstone Organization, where he researches ancient artifacts and the aether that surrounds them. This effort is aided by the Echo's manifestation in Zizi, which allows him to witness the "memories" of inanimate objects.

FC Rules

Treat one another with respect.Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and bigotry will NOT be tolerated and will be grounds for dismissal.Keep posts in the discord server SFW.Be active! Members will be kicked after 90 days of inactivity

Roleplay Guidelines

IC actions have IC consequences. You are responsible for maintaining the line between what happens IC and OOC.
We strive to be lore-plausible. Characters who claim things that push the limits of the game's lore--such as being a WHM or DRG--will be met with skepticism IC. Lore-friendly names are also encouraged, or a lore-friendly reason why you use the name you use.
Many characters in this FC possess the Echo, making them more powerful than average residents of Hydaelyn, but we are not the Warrior of Light! Primals are still frightening beasts that we'd be better off running from most of the time, for example!
Characters in the FC are on an equal playing field. Be mindful that playing your character at a very high power level may make other players uncomfortable, likewise... not godmod/pressure other players into playing at a power level they are not comfortable with.
Unless the MSQ reveals otherwise, we are treating travel to the First and other reflections as near-impossible. We are not accepting characters from the First at this time.
When in doubt, ask! If you're trying to figure out how your character fits into the FC's RP story, or into the lore of FF14, post about it in the #📚lore-discussion channel of the discord or chat with Kokora or Myrdin about it directly. Being on the same page about RP contexts will only help make RP more enjoyable.

How to join:

Fill out a short application by clicking this link.One of our officers will contact you within 24 hours.Once admitted to the main discord, introduce yourself and start making friends!Let any of us know when you are in-game and we will invite your character to the Free Company.